About Me

Here's my professional background, key accomplishments, and personal values.

Jagad Yudha Awali

Hello! I'm Jagad Yudha Awali. I was born and raised in Sidoarjo, Indonesia. I am currently working freelance as a front-end developer while studying at the University of Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo.

I've been attracted by the world of information technology since I was in junior high school. Perl and the Bash shell were both new to me at the time. Since then, I've primarily worked with JavaScript on React, React Native, TypeScript, and Next.Js.

Learning new technologies is essential for me since, in the future, I think illiteracy will be defined as the inability to read programming languages.

Aside from programming stuff, I enjoy playing simulation racing, — especially Formula 1, and began competing in the Indo Formula League and winning the France Grand Prix.

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My skillset is a mix of web and mobile development.

Programming Languages

· JavaScript

· TypeScript

· Python

· Dart (Learning)

Mobile Development

· React Native

· Flutter (Learning)

Backend Development

· Express

· Next.js API

· Flask

· Supabase

· Firebase


Web Development


· Tailwind CSS

· Bootstrap

· React

· Next.js


· VSCode

· Figma

· Postman

· Git

· Jupyter Notebook


· Vercel

· Netlify