CitizenApp - Sidoarjo Smart City

CitizenApp - Sidoarjo Smart City

Mobile app that allows citizens of Sidoarjo to report damage to public facilities by simply scanning a QR code.

Overview 👀

CitizenApp is a mobile application that allows citizens of Sidoarjo to report damage to public facilities such as roads, sidewalks, traffic lights and street signs by simply scanning a QR code.

Objective 🎯

The objective of developing this app is to give Sidoarjo people a way to report damage to public facilities and to make it simpler for the local government to track damage to public facilities in Sidoarjo.

Technologies Used 🧑‍💻

The React Native framework was used to build this app in an effort to speed the development of apps for both the Android and iOS platforms.

The specifics of the technology applied in this application are as follows:

  • React Navigation - for navigation between pages
  • React Native Camera - to read QR codes
  • Firebase Auth - for authenticate using a google account
  • React Native Geolocation - to read user coordinates
  • Mapbox API - to convert coordinates to address
  • React Native Maps - to display maps based on coordinates

Features ✅

Google authentication

Untuk memudahkan pengguna dalam proses login, digunaka library react native firebase

Bottom navigation

Aplikasi ini menggunakan library react navigation untuk dapat melakukan navigasi dari layar ke layar

QR Code Scanner

Map View



Results 🚀

We've officially released the citizenApp on the Playstore, and it's available for free. At the following link: CitizenApp - Aplikasi di Google Play.

Splash Screen
Login Screen
Home Screen
Explore Screen
Detail Report Screen
Rank Screen
Profile Screen
Add Report Screen

What I Learn 💪

The process of developing this application taught me a lot, including how to manage responsive mobile applications. In addition, this is my first project that uses maps as the primary feature (geolocation, geocoding, and map view), so I may refer to it in the future.