An application to identify anxiety disorders for free

Overview 👀

Moodlify is an expert system application to identify anxiety disorders using Naive Bayes as a decision-making method by utilizing expert data. This project was initiated by my friend, Tutut Anjarsari, and me as an assistant.

Objective 🎯

This website was created with the objective of educating the general public about anxiety disorders and aiding in the early detection of anxiety disorders in those who need it.

Technologies Used 🧑‍💻

This website is built with several technologies, including nextjs, tailwind, flask, and sklearn. The specifics of the technology applied in this application are as follows:

  • Supabase - for data storage
  • DaisyUI - to provide ready-made components
  • React hot toast - for notifications
  • Framer motion - for animation
  • Next Seo - for SEO

Features ✅

Auto Scroll

In order to provide a comfortable user experience, auto scroll is used when the user is filling out the test.

Auto Scroll

Hot Toast

Hot toasts are used to display a message to the user. The messages indicator can be loading, successful, or error.



This feature is used to track the results of tests that have been done previously.


Results 🚀

The following are the results of the website that has been developed:

Home Page
Test Page
History Page

What I Learn 💪

In this project, I learned how to integrate flask with sklearn, which is generally only used in Jupyter notebooks (modeling).