Simple Google Scraper

Launched on October 4, 2018

Simple Google Scraper

Overview 👀

Simple Google scraper is a specialized tool designed to quickly extract data from a google page.

Objective 🎯

The objective of developing this tool is to retrieve URL data on Google quickly and instantly with the help of Google Search Operators.

Technologies Used 🧑‍💻

Because Python includes a library specifically designed for data scraping called Beautifulsoup4, it was chosen as the programming language to create these tools. In order to get html on Google pages, a library request is needed.

Features ✅

Data scraping based on the required number of pages

When the tool is run, the user may choose the page they wish to scrape by inputting numbers instead of just scraping one page.

Feature 1

Use Google's search operators

To maximize the results of scraping, Google search operators are required. You can click the following link to learn more about how the Google search operator actually works: Scraping Google Search With Python and Beautifulsoup4 — Jagad Yudha Awali

Feature 2

Results 🚀

Since this tool is open source, others are allowed to improve it. This tool's repository may be found here:

What I Learn 💪

In the process of developing this tool , I gained knowledge about Requests and how Beautifulsoup4 gets specific data based on html tags that are obtained through Requests.