Soiscan Mobile

Soiscan Mobile

Application for contact tracing by sharing QR Codes with each other

Overview 👀

Soiscan is a mobile application that offers an easy way to contact tracing by sharing QR Codes with each others. This application is the result of "Riset Keilmuan" conducted by Mr. Irwan, my lecturer and supervisor. He gave me the opportunity to develop the front-end (mobile).

Objective 🎯

The purpose of developing this application is to mitigate the spread of the virus (whatever the virus is) by scanning each other when they meet, so that when one is exposed to COVID, all people who have met will be notified.

Technologies Used 🧑‍💻

The React Native framework was used to build this app in an effort to speed the development of apps for both the Android and iOS platforms.

The specifics of the technology applied in this application are as follows:

  • React Navigation - for navigation between pages
  • React Native Camera - to read QR codes
  • Keychain - untuk menyimpan token agar lebih aman
  • Geolocation Service - to read user coordinates

Features ✅

React Navigation

This app uses the react navigation library to be able to navigate from screen to screen more efficiently.

QR Code Scanner

A QR Code scanner from the React Native Camera library is required in order to be able to read other users' QR Codes.


Keychain is used to secure tokens and refresh tokens, instead of using unsecured async storage.


Geolocation is used to capture user coordinates, which are to be recorded in the database.

Results 🚀

Welcome Screen
Login Screen
Home Screen
Confirmation Screen
History Screen

What I Learn 💪

This app development process taught me a lot, including how to store access tokens more securely using the keychain (In previous projects, I always used help from firebase)