Telegram Bot Covid

Launched on September 4, 2020

Telegram Bot Covid

Overview 👀

A Telegram bot that can provide information about the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia. This bot takes advantage of the API from mathdroid/covid-19-api

Objective 🎯

The objective of developing this bot is to make it simpler for Indonesians to get the most recent information on COVID-19 cases throughout Indonesia, particularly in each province.

Technologies Used 🧑‍💻

This bot was developed using the Python programming language. Additionally, the difflib library is utilized to manage typographical errors made by the user when inputting the province's name.

Features ✅

Get information about COVID-19 based on province.

Since the purpose of this bot is only for Indonesians, the bot can only be used to obtain information related to COVID-19 in Indonesia. But this bot can offer much more specific data, particularly for every Indonesian province.

Feature 1

Manage typographical errors

When a user types the wrong provincial name, this bot includes an autocorrect feature and still provides information about COVID-19.

Feature 2

Results 🚀

Since this tool is open source, others are allowed to improve it. This tool's repository may be found here:

What I Learn 💪

In the process of developing this bot , I learned for the first time how to consume the API and how the Telegram API works.